Middle Eastern Adventures

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day 3

so we recently visited the UNRWA, which is an organization through the WHO (world health organization) that is designed to help Palestinian refugees in Jordan. They set up several camps in the country where millions of refugees now live in. The one we visited today for our clinic hours was called Baqa`a and it is home to about 110,000 Palestinians. I was astonished at how big the camp was and how many people depended on the resources that the government provides for them on a day to day basis. When we got to the clinic, the Services Officer directed us to the doctor that was going to introduce us to the other doctors that we are to follow during this whole seminar. 

I started with the general doctor, who is also the head doctor of the clinic, and then the patients started coming in. I cannot even describe how it felt to be so close to the patients like that. These people were living in camps that had such bad conditions and still seeing some of the kids smile was amazing. I think I was really affected by one patient especially. 

This really really old woman who could barely walk on her own was brought into the office by two young boys who had found her no the street in pain and in need of medicine. They didn’t even know her at all, they just brought her in. The kids were SO CUTE!! They helped her all the way to her seat and took out her medicine for her and everything. I just wanted to hug them so much! The sad part was that because the woman didn’t have a file with this clinic the doctor technically couldn’t help her. She had to leave and go to the other clinic, which killed me because he knew what was wrong but because of legal issues, he couldn’t do anything about it. Hopefully, this electronic file issue gets fixed soon. 

Anyway, these past two days have been crazy to say the least. 

Day 1: Adventures! 

we literally woke up, did homework and then explored the city! It was eye opening to say the least, but in some ways it was similar to India. The culture not so much, but the city atmosphere was. We visited the Amman Citadel, that also had the Temple of Hercules inside. We also visited the Roman Amphitheater Ruins. I’ve never seen so many historical sites in one place haha

First night In Amman, Jordan

I can’t believe that I am finally here in Jordan after 24+hours of traveling. I think I’ve already learned a lot about opening your mind to the different kinds of people out there and realizing just how big the world is. I think just going to Chicago as a stop was eye opening because the rest of America is so different from California. Then stopping at London (even though it was for such a short period of time) made me really want to go study abroad there in Senior Year. I am so determined to make this happen. I was just amazed at how the buildings were designed, how the people talked, the weather…okay just about EVERYTHING. This was just all from being in the plane and airport so I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually live there for a quarter. But I should just not think THAT much ahead and focus on Jordan. I hope that from this trip I get at least a couple things out of it:

1. Satisfaction that I actually made a difference in the lives of the refugees here - our research project will be used by the UN, UNWRA, and the Wihdat Refugee Camp so hopefully those statistics that we compile will help in the future global health projects by World Health Organizations. I hope seeing people that are from such a background will humble me and make me even more grateful for everything I have and everything my parents were able to give me.  

2. Knowledge about the Middle East and the cultures and traditions here - I literally can not still believe that I am in the Middle East right now. I never thought I would ever come here, but I am so excited to see how the people here live and what their culture is like. I know that a lot of people have many preconceptions about the Middle Eastern Countries and I can’t say that I don’t either, but I hope that being here for a whole 5 weeks will open my eyes to what it is really like.

Maybe I will think up of new things later but for now I am too tired to type anymore lol can’t wait for Day 1 tomorrow:)